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Ownership Transfer

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If you have purchased your vehicle from an individual, no sales tax is due. If purchased from a local dealer, the sales tax will be paid by the dealer. If purchased from out of state dealer or from a business, sales tax is due at the time of registration. If you require the title in hand, we can process the title at the GA Dept. of Revenue office. Otherwise, we will process the tag and title at your county and the title will be mailed to you or your lienholder. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Original title signed off correctly by seller and assigned to new owner
  • Any reassignment forms which completes the vehicles chain of ownership
  • Bill of sales or dealer invoice
  • Copy of previous owner’s tag registration, if available
  • If you have license plate you would like to transfer,provide registration or tag #
  • T8-Limited Power of Attorney
  • Proof of insurance (must be uploaded in GA’s system; fleet card; or 30 day binder)
  • Proof of Emissions (if vehicle is 3 years or older; over 8500 lbs; & in emission county)
  • Copy of Georgia driver’s license